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I provide individual counseling sessions.  Sessions are usually held on a weekly basis and last between 45-50 minutes.

While I work with a variety of age groups, my specialty is working with adolescents.  Adolescence is a challenging time of life unto itself, but with the inclusion of school, peers, social media, and other issues, this time of a person's life can be even harder to manage.


My belief is that therapy can offer a space to understand yourself better and bring awareness to the choices and decisions you make. I strive to have each client see their true potential in themselves and to have the tools to be better equipped to handle life's natural curve balls. I would be honored to support you through your journey.


Issues I typically work with include:

*Anxiety                             *Alcohol Abuse

*Depression                        *Codependency

*Eating Disorders                 *Substance Abuse


*Suicidal Ideation

*Stress Management

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